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Transcend - FREE New EP
9:20PM - 23rd December 2013
Subversion welcome Karl Harrigan
10:42PM - 21st October 2013

Subversion's search is now over with the addition of Karl Harrigan on vocals. Released today was a short sampler of Karl's studio work:

6:43PM - 19th July 2013

If you are interested in fronting us and taking on the role of fry vocalist for Subversion, please message us at: ( or message the band on our facebook page: (


- Looking for someone with similar influences to our own, so please mention what you are in to.
- location: fairly local. You have to be able to make practice every Sunday 7 till 10
- Ability to sing is a bonus but not required, but if you can, it will look great to us.
- We will go for a certain someone that will give us that extra kick live. Sound/looks are key!
- Our second album is well on the way, so we need someone who is prepared to give 100% and jump straight in to working with us.
- Videos, Recordings, Past projects; anything that will show us your talents pre-audition we will be very interested in seeing. 
- If you want a non vocal version of this song to audition over, please do not hesitate to ask! 


My feet does touch the ground
The dirt feels warm and dry 
Listen to me when I tell you the outcome
To find my way beyond this maze 
Over and over humanity lies
Form an answer
Designate the free
I'm just a shade,
A fragment of the man I was
See these eyes? They look upon a lifeless sky
Everything has passed,
You and I will now realise that it came to me in a dream
Leave in silence, do not pass the blame
All eyes, focus on the stars
Shooting heaven, fallen angel
I have now forgotten the lecture
I have to take whatever blow I'm dealt
Clench my fists and reconstruct your face
One more time in this life
I am pariah, held lower 
This is not the path I chose myself
Yet I walk this road alone my core is stone
Like the earth I'm spared from thought and heart, 
Taken for granted I've seen this story in a dream
We breed in violence, thrive on others shame
Sore eyes see nothing past the lies 
Your world is holographic, and unkind
Its driving me insane
A fragment of the man I once was


Novation - New Track (2013)
7:05PM - 28th January 2013
As promised, NEW TRACK! 
Novation has finally landed and we are proud to say this is just the tip of the New Album's iceberg! (yes, a 2013 album!)

We have come a long way since our debut album "Lest We Forget". Some of us can even lay claim to growing up a little bit......(some of us)......ish.

Slight change in plan however, English Djentlemens Quarters will now instead be premiering the video for Novation in a week. 

A huge thank you goes to Muther & Hyperion for all their amazing help and guidance. Thank you to Darren Rowley Photography for his amazing photography skills. 
We want to give a special mention to Zu_Koo for his insight and input in to the more digital aspects of this track.

We have a lot of heart in what we do and we hope this track shows this! 

You can grab a digital copy from the following places:

Now also streaming on Spotify!

One Love ♥

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